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Subject: revised minutes of PROMCODE TC call of September 24, 2021

This is a revision of the minutes sent on September 24, 2021.


Describe telecon September 24, 2021 


Scribe nomination 

Roll Call 

Next meeting: 10am on October 14, 2021 

Voting Rights Held by: 

  • Kazuo Yabuta 
  • Masaki Wakao 
  • Tom Kamimura 
  • Shigeaki Matsumoto 
  • Shinji Matsuoka 
  • Hiroyuki Yoshida 
  • Yoshio Horiuchi 

Chair: Tom Kamimura 

Scribe: Tom Kamimura 


  • Tom Kamimura 
  • Masaki Wakao 
  • Hiroyuki Yoshida 
  • Shinji Matsuoka 
  • Kazuo Yabuta 
  • Shigeaki Matsumoto 
  • Yoshio Horiuchi 
  • Shigenori Kobayashi 


1. Voting to request a special majority vote to approve OSLC PROMCODE Version 1.0 CSD01 as CS. 

Kamimura explained the current situation of the specification document. A public review of OSLC PROMCODE Version 1.0 CSD01(https://docs.oasis-open.org/oslc-promcode/promcode/v1.0/csd01/) ended on August 22, 2021. There was no comment submitted by the end date. Therefore, no work is needed for comment resolution. 

Given the situation, Kamimura proposed a motion to request the TC Administration Office to conduct a special majority vote to make OSLC PROMCODE Version 1.0 CSD01 as a Commitee Specification (CS). TC voted on the motion and here is the result. 

  • Tom Kamimura: approve 
  • Masaki Wakao: approve 
  • Hiroyuki Yoshida: approve 
  • Shinji Matsuoka: approve 
  • Kazuo Yabuta: approve 
  • Shigeaki Matsumoto: approve 
  • Yoshio Horiuchi: approve 
  • Shigenori Kobayashi: approve 

The motion was approved. 

2. OASIS membership 

OASIS membership of Nanzan University ends on November 13, 2021. Each of three members (Kamimura, Yabuta-san and Yoshida-san) of Nanzan University will apply for OASIS Individual Membership. Information for the application was shared with them. 

3. PROMODE project server at Nanzan University 

Yabuta-san reported the status of a project server at Nanzan Universty. Nakamura-san of Fujitsu, who is a first graduate of Aoyama Lab, moved all PROMCODE content to a server he manages. There is small cost associated with maintaining the server with the use of promcode domain name. Yabuta-san offered to pay the cost for now. 

4. Third SoU 

Wakao-san and Horiuchi-san looked at the possible third implementation of PROMCODE specification. Initially, they looked at existing Excel adaptor implementation, and recognized that significant amount of work is needed. They turned their investigation to an implementation of a PROMCODE server from scratch and concluded that a new PROMCODE server can be implemented relatively easily by using latest Lyo Toolkit including Lyo Designer. They have tried a subset of the PROMCODE model already. They indicated that they can try to complete the implementation by the next TC call. 


  • Kamimura, Yabuta-san and Yoshida-san will apply for OASIS Individual Membership before the membership of Nanzan University expires. 
  • Wakao-san and Horiuchi-san will try to complete an implementation of OSLC PROMCODE server by the next TC call. 

The minutes created by T. Kamimura 

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