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Subject: meeting minutes of PROMCODE TC meeting of January 20, 2022

telecon January 20, 2023


Scribe nomination


Roll Call


Next meeting: Feb 3, 2023


Voting Rights Held by:


* Masaki Wakao

* Shigeaki Matsumoto

* Yoshio Horiuchi

* Shigenori Kobayashi

* Hiroaki Suzuki


Chair: Masaki Wakao


Scribe: Masaki Wakao




* Masaki Wakao

* Shigeaki Matsumoto

* Shigenori Kobayashi

* Yoshio Horiuchi

* Hiroaki Suzuki




1. Open Standards Cup


PROMCODE is nominated as one of 2022 Outstanding Approved Standard Finalists https://www.oasis-open.org/open-standards-cup/. We are requested to comment at the ceremony if PROMCODE is selected as the winner, but the time is not good for Japanese people.

So, Wakao will provide a comment in case no one from PROMCODE TC can join.


2. Public review on Errata 2


The Errata 2 became available at https://docs.oasis-open.org/oslc-promcode/promcode/v1.0/errata02/os/ on Dec 9. It doesn't include errata applied documents attached in https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/TCADMIN-4291. Wakao will contact Paul to upload the errata applied documents.


3. Creating a document on implementation of PROMCODE server using Lyo Toolkit.


Wakao updated the document for the latest Lyo Designer changes. Matsumoto-san and Horiuchi-san started verification all the steps to ensure that a total flow and steps work but not completed yet.

Wakao also has investigated the instruction given by Jim in https://github.com/oslc-op/website/wiki but not finished yet.



  * Wakao will contact Paul for errata 2 applied documents

  * Wakao will update the draft document to work with the latest Lyo Designer for the comment from others

  * Matsumoto-san and other members will continue to verify the updated document

  * Wakao will continue to take a look at the instruction in https://oslc.github.io/developing-oslc-applications/ to publish the document.



Minutes created by M. Wakao

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