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Subject: RE: [pbd-se] Draft agenda - Feb 6 meeting

Just some procedural-tidiness observations -

 1. Please do not use e-mail attachments for documents.  There is a document
repository provided for the TC.  Postings to it provide announcements to the
list and a place where the document can be found permanently.  It provides
for document management of revisions, approved versions, etc., as well.
Gershon Janssen seems to be familiar with this and can provide guidance.
All of the resources can be managed via the pbd-se group member page.

 2. It is customary to put draft agendas in the meeting announcements.
There is no meeting announcement for a February 6 call on the pbd-se
calendar and that is needed.  It provides a vehicle for tracking attendance
and maintaining the status of members on the roster.
   Gershon did the meeting notice for the January 9 meeting.  That is the
place to indicate the time, provide a calendar object for members, and
provide call-in details as well.  It also provides the important
notification that attendance counts for membership status.

 3. I also don't recall any minutes from the January 9 meeting.  That's also
a valuable place for confirmation of the next meeting date and time for the
benefit of those who were not there. 

January 9 meeting?

 - Dennis

PS: I am providing this to the list because I think there may be several
members that are unfamiliar  with the OASIS procedures and the resources
that are provided and expected to be used.  New OASIS members who have not
explored the Group Member page are invited to do so at
<https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/pbd-se/>.  Your OASIS User ID
and password are required.

PPS: I notice in several well-established TCs that there is a tendency for
the meeting notice and previous meeting minutes and documents for discussion
to come out the day before the next teleconference.  This seems like a bad
habit and I hope is the exception, not the rule, especially for a neophyte
TC.  (I am guilty of all of those things and do work to avoid them.  The
karma I receive is related to the fact that I am often the farthest West and
don't get to see and review materials before the early-morning local-time
call.)  Having substantive material attached to a draft agenda is not
something I have observed before.

   -- dh

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Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 05:39
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Subject: [pbd-se] Draft agenda - Feb 6 meeting

Good morning everyone:

Please see attached (and below) for a proposed draft agenda for tomorrow's
meeting. There is an informational Appendix A in the attached document. 

Teleconference numbers are as before. 

Kind regards,


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