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Subject: PROPOSED AGENDA - PbD-SE TC - 19 June 2013

Privacy by Design Documentation for Software Engineers (PbD-SE) TC
19 June 2013, 1:30-3:00 PM EST / 19.30-21.00 CET

* Call-In Information: 

See separate email with call-in information.


0. Call to Order 

1. New Business / Approval of Agenda 
- PbD & ICS 2013 at EuroCloudCongress, see email on list

2. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
- Draft meeting minutes of the 22 May 2013 TC meeting 

3. Update on Action Items

4. Overview of Standards Privacy Assessment (Frank Dawson, Nokia)
- See Standards Privacy Assessment document

5. Report back from ad hoc work group on drafting seed document for Privacy by Default Standard for SE.
See “seed” document.

We have framed 2 questions to help direct discussion:

(1) We want input on the basic structure & organization of the standard seed document (i.e. reference the Table of Contents) 

o is this outline comprehensive?
o does it adequately speak to software engineers?
o how should it be formatted – generalized w/detailed appendices or all-in-one?
(2) Is the standard seed document general enough to be a standard yet specific enough for software engineers to get adequate direction?

In terms of next steps, we see the action item will be to have consultations with key members to get input on where existing material can be integrated. We will further revise the seed document for group discussion/input at the July and August meetings.

6. Assignment of New Roles / Activities

7. Adjourn



Gershon Janssen

Attachment: DRAFT AGENDA - OASIS PBD SE TC June 19.pdf
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Attachment: DRAFT AGENDA - OASIS PBD SE TC June 19.doc
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