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Subject: RE: [pbd-se] PbD & ICS 2013 at EuroCloudCongress

Hei All.


I failed to mention this suggestion yesterday, but Gershon’s email reminds me.


Would it be good practice for TC Secretary to contact OASIS Staff to coordinate the messages that are provided at the EC Congress, especially if they are attributed as coming not from an individual but from OASIS or an OASIS TC?


The TC should also be permitted to review and comment on any presentation that is attributed as representing the PbD-SE TC, IMHO.





I promised to get back to the TC on my availability for the EuroCloudCongress on 15-16 October 2013 in Luxembourg.

I'm available and will be planning to attend and participate in the event. As such, I'm most happy to represent the PbD-SE TC for e.g. a workshop, panel discussion, presentation, etc.

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