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Subject: Framework questions on the OASIS-PbD-SE-6.html document

Hei All.

I have some framework questions about the document (OASIS-PbD-SE-6.html/OASIS Privacy by Design Documentation for Software Engineers (PbD-SE) Version 1.0) that Gershon Janssen submitted to the TC document repository the day before our Wednesday, 19 June 2013 TC meeting.

1) Am I to assume that this is a contribute to be considered as basis for the TC deliverable identified as:

	"PbD documentation for software engineers: Define a standard specification for software tools that engineers can use to aid in producing documentation and to show compliance with the PbD principles, 
	and privacy regulations, throughout the entire software development life cycle."?

2) If so, what kind of OASIS TC document will this be? A COMMITTEE NOTE or COMMITTEE SPECIFICATION?

3) If the answer is a COMMITTEE SPECIFICATION, then this means it will be Standards Track Work Product. This might be implied by clause "6 Conformance". In which case, how will the specification be used? How will conformance be tested? Will it be assumed that there will be a base-line or reference implementation, which its documentation will become the basis of "interoperability" or conformance?

I am struggling to understand how this deliverable would be used.


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