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Subject: RE: [pbd-se] RE: Way of Working

Having a subcommittee doesn’t really change how contributions are made.  Subcommittees often have their own OASIS mailing lists as a way to avoid distraction of the full TC (and vice versa).  (Cross-posting is usually not done).  Subcommittee lists are archived and subscription is limited to members of the TC.  There is no separate Subcommittee membership.  Any SC is open to any TC member.  All a TC member has to do is subscribe if they want “home delivery” of such lists.  The same goes for any separate SC document areas (usually just a subfolder under the TC document repository), topics under the TC JIRA, and any SVN set up for the TC.  Any deliberations and official TC actions are done with the full TC and on the full TC lists, etc.  The subcommittee and information about it is all linked off of the TC main page.  The TC IP regime applies across all of it.


I am not advocating creation of any subcommittees.  I just want to emphasize that it doesn’t create anything but a way to funnel specialized preliminary work into an identifiable place where the interested parties can develop proposals in plain view and then propose work products to the full TC.


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Subject: [pbd-se] RE: Way of Working


I would prefer the contributions are done through TC mailing list.

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Subject: RE: Way of Working

The work should be able to be done in a subcommittee but the document would have to go through the TC process for adoption, we have done this in several committees before

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Subject: [pbd-se] Way of Working

Hei All.

In our call on Wednesday, it was raised whether work on the OASIS-PbD-SE-6.html document would be done in some kind of "sub-committee" of the TC. My understanding is that this is not typical OASIS way-of-working, as there would need to be some formality of calling meeting, minute taking, etc that we are already doing for monthly TC meetings.

My recommendation would be that we develop the document through member contributions over the TC email list and use the monthly TC meetings to report progress updates and status of action items.

By the way, who is the editor(s) of this document?


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