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Subject: Re: Stop! Problem with Call to Colin_NZ later today

Hi Colin,

I forwarded your message to Pauline, Michelle and Fred.

Kind regards,

Gershon Janssen

On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 10:15 AM, Colin Wallis <colin_wallis@hotmail.com> wrote:

So so sorry about this..
I have another logistical problem.
We have had a major storm here and my home phone is still down.
I thought it would be fixed yesterday but the problem seems not so straight forward.
I have no cell signal here in the hills out in rural wellington.. :-) (no jokes about NZ's telecom coverage please..I'm over them!).
And the office is too far away to get in there by 0730, given that the most direct route is still blocked by fallen trees.

I don't think I can post to OASIS pbd-se from my personal account so hoping Ann and Gershon can pass this message onto Pauline, Michelle and Fred..  

Can we try and reschedule for Thursday pm your time.

Again, apologies for this.. completely out of my control..


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