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Subject: Navigate your way to a portable, interoperable, secure Cloud @ ICS 2013


Please consider joining us at our 3rd annual International Cloud Symposium!

15 October at Chambre de Commerce

Navigate your way to a portable, interoperable, secure Cloud

The International Cloud Symposium (ICS) is an interactive educational event for ICT professionals responsible for developing, influencing and managing Cloud computing policies in the public and private sectors.  From standards to solutions, theories to best practices, implementation challenges to success stories, ICS provides the forward-thinking perspective that will inform your most crucial Cloud adoption decisions.

ICS attendees have a unique opportunity to compare use cases, explore the latest advances, and network with the experts that are shaping the future of cloud computing around the world. Organized by the OASIS open standards consortium, ICS delivers a program of engaging, thought provoking presentations from a range of experts in government, industry, and academia. It includes the latest findings on Privacy by Design, AMQP, IDCloud, and TOSCA standardization, as well as others.

ICS offers the guidance you need on key topics including:

·         Gaps and overlaps in Cloud standards

·         Reliable messaging and middleware

·         Identity management

·         Models for Cloud in government, business, technology

·         Building data privacy into applications

·         Profiles for user authorization and entitlements

·         Big data, IoT, and other game changers

ICS is part of the EuroCloud Congress. Attend the full ICS program followed by a second day at EuroCloud or customize a schedule of ICS and EuroCloud sessions that match your interests. One registration covers it all.  OASIS members receive a 75% discount – special registration codes are available.


Be part of the ICS dialogue:

·         Is the public sector doing enough to protect privacy and drive innovation?

·         Are Cloud technologists, policy makers, and business leaders on the same page?

·         How can standards compliance and interoperability be assured?

·         What can Cloud adopters in Asia, Europe, and North America learn from one another?

·         Is self-service interoperability possible?

Use #intcloudsym to stay informed, share thoughts, ask questions, or start discussions.


OASIS20 Reception

Help celebrate two decades of advancing open standards on Tuesday, 15 October, at the Sofitel Kirchberg Hotel.  The full registration package for the event includes access to the OASIS20 Reception and EuroCloud Dinner Gala.  OASIS20 is sponsored by:

  https://www.oasis-open.org/events/sites/oasis-open.org.events/files/ibm-logo.jpg      https://www.oasis-open.org/events/sites/oasis-open.org.events/files/isis-papyrus.jpg      https://www.oasis-open.org/events/sites/oasis-open.org.events/files/microsoftnew.jpg    https://www.oasis-open.org/events/sites/oasis-open.org.events/files/primeton175x58.gif

Questions may be directed to Jane Harnad (


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