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Subject: NIST Privacy Engineering Workshop

As some of you are already aware, NIST will be holding a privacy engineering workshop at its Gaithersburg, MD campus April 9th and 10th. Some details and registration are here: http://www.nist.gov/itl/csd/privacy-engineering-workshop.cfm

As a result, we probably need to shift our monthly telecon, currently scheduled for the 9th, as I’m sure a number of us, including myself, will be at the workshop.



Dr. Stuart S. Shapiro
Principal Information Privacy & Security Engineer
The MITRE Corporation

sshapiro@mitre.org | s_shapiro@acm.org (permanent)
781-271-4676 | 781-271-3957 (fax)
202 Burlington Road | M/S M300 | Bedford, MA 01730

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