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Subject: Uber review of the reviews of wd04 R2


I've looked at the comments circulated, at the time of this email (ss, sabo and sf). Broadly I support them (easier where proposed text has been provided!)and they more than cover my main areas of concern which were the normative text in Section 2, and Section 5 moving to an appendix.

The only area that does not seem to be covered is the Introduction, where on the call, we agreed that the text needs to be modified to recognize the role of the organization's governance processes in overseeing the efforts of the software engineer in respect of PbD.
To that end, I offer a start on the following..

From 1: Introduction: The PbD-SE specification helps engineers to visualize, model, and document PbD requirements and embed the principles within software engineering tasks. Add..**It also helps inform those organizational governance processes that oversee the engineers**. 

From 1.1: The protection of privacy in the context of software engineering requires normative judgments to be made on the part of software engineers, add..**in the context of organization-wide governance of privacy protection**.

1.2 and 1.3 seem to be OK as is.


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