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Subject: PbD-SE WD 04 Revision 3 Section 1

Clean copy of Section 1 of the Working Document (WD) is attached for your review.
This WD includes the great majority of edits from John, Stuart, Jonathan, Sander, Colin, Gail, and Fred. Note that any font formatting edits will be re-applied to the full document at the end.  I will upload the sections and their aggregate to Kavi tomorrow. 

The IPC is creating a compilation table of your suggested edits for your easy reference. 


Further requests for clarification and comments to address TC’s edits and comments in Section 1:

Stuart: Page 5, please can you explain why we may need to clarify “ beyond user/data subject preferences”?

Jonathan: I intend to add text and an edited diagram to illustrate how the Privacy by Design Use Case Template can be adapted for agile methodology and user stories. So the “however” is not needed.  I have suggested to John that we can rename it to the Privacy Use Template so that agile methodologists do not feel that the PbD-SE spec is not applicable to them.

John: We may leave a few further details about the PMRM to Section 5 without loss to the PbD-SE introduction. I left in the PMRM reference as normative as you correctly stated that the PbD-SE WD asserts that Privacy Use Template is RECOMMENDED for embedding privacy requirements in a Privacy Use Case or User Story, then the Normative designation for PMRM is appropriate as the accessible Privacy Use Template is based on the more comprehensive PMRM methodology. 

Fred: I added goals in section 1 but also left in requirements as software engineers interests in this document are for privacy requirements and the documentation required by PbD.

Sander and Colin: There are normative references to section 5 in Table 4.1. e.g. to the Privacy Use Template that provides documentation in itself. There will be more explicit linking of software engineering documentation, or spec asks for “equivalent” documentation across Sections 3, 4, and 5.

Dr. Dawn Jutla, PhD
Professor of Business, Computer Science, & Technology Entrepreneurship

Community Service in Action:    Founder/Lead Designer of the MTEI Program
Research in Action: Helping Software Engineers and Industry do Privacy by Design
                             Advising European Privacy R&D and Industry Applications 

Department of Finance, Information Systems, and Mgmt. Science
Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS, B3H 3C3
Phone: 1 902 491 6441
Sobey School Bio
Website ; Twitter @DNJutla

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Attachment: pbd-se-v1_0-wd04 R3 - Section 1.docx
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