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Subject: Re: [pbd-se] PROPOSED AGENDA - PbD-SE TC - 18 June 2014

Thanks Gershon!

A quick note: If we do decide to vote on a CSD later today, we may need to amend the agenda motion to reference which version of the document we will vote on. 

I am assuming that all TC members are now very familiar with the major content of the PbD-SE work. I hope to stick to central issues and for us not be distracted by minor editorial issues as we move to a serious discussion later today. 

Kind regards,

On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 4:19 AM, Gershon Janssen <gershon@qroot.com> wrote:
Privacy by Design Documentation for Software Engineers (PbD-SE) TC
18 June 2014, 1:30-3:00 PM EDT / 19.30-21.00 CET 


Please find below the draft agenda for the OASIS PBD-SE TC meeting.


* Call-In Information: 

See separate email with call-in information.


0.  Call to Order 

1.  New Business / Approval of Agenda 

2.  Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

* 11 June 2014 PbD-SE TC meeting minutes

3.  TC strategy discussion

4.  Discussion on Working Draft PbD-SE Version 1.0 Revision 4 - R3

Discussion on raw compilation of TC edits across all sections but Section 2.

* Chart of TC member suggested changes / comments in WD 04 R2 and their Status in WD 04 R3
See email list.

* Document PbD-SE Version 1.0 Revision 4 - R3 can be found at:

* See mail with complication comments can be found at: 

5.  Re-organization of specification

* Based on Kim's and Colin's advice, and in appreciation of adoption issues, please find at the link a quick re-organization of the specification for your consideration and visualization:

* See comments from Kim Cameron:

6.  Consideration of the following motion [with TC members amendments]:

Draft motion: "Move that the TC approve "Privacy by Design Documentation for Software Engineers Version 1.0" Working Draft 4 contained in 
https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=53261&wg_abbrev=pbd-se as a Committee Specification Draft and designate the Word version as authoritative."

7.  Adjourn



Gershon Janssen

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