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Subject: Cloud Privacy By Design - OASIS overview for EU Cloud Computing

Hey folks

I recently spoke with some of y'all about the potential for $$ funding for OASIS related research, via the EU's Horizon 2020 program.

Following on I wanted to finalize ideas and invite others to join, and with the view point that I would also like to provide an executive summary of OASIS in general, ie a quick round of some projects that would be relevant to this research agenda and to the EU's plans for Cloud computing overall.

Given the huge focus on user & data privacy I'd like to do this under an overall headline theme of 'Cloud Privacy By Design', for inclusion into this paper:


The idea being to define the combination of existing privacy by design best practices and how they might be applied consistently across Cloud providers, via configurations of encryption, key management, identity access control, link contracts, etc., and so it could define the role of SAML, KMIP, XDI, etc.

This would act as the first step for the R&D application too, so ideal for any one doing university or similar work around the standards and looking for future funding etc.

Thanks and regards,

Neil McEvoy
VP Business Development

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