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Subject: Fifteen Years of Applying the ISTPA and PMRM


Today I created the first of a number of 'tables' that describe how the ISTPA/PMRM was applied, at least as best as I could. 

I chose the Use of Employee Information Framework white paper as the first I tackled because it 

These 'tables' are not the 'final' white paper work product, but my own research as to how the model and methodology influenced my work as a CPO and consultant. I suspect that a number of CPOs and consultants have unknowingly utilized the model and methodology in their implementations of their own Privacy Offices.

Perhaps at this meeting or the next we might discuss this. 

As you will see in the attached document, there is a strong correlation between the PMRM and the tasks we executed. 

The big void was the the leap from control statements to mechanisms! ...I look to PRIPARE to help us demonstrate that transition.

There were other PMRM tasks that were implicitly applied by vertue of the intensive Task 1 and 3, where we took the time to identify Key Observations and create control statements for information and process and naturally policy statements that one might commit to.

Speak to you all tomorrow,

Best, Gail

PS If you print this document, you will have to do a print preview and set the margins for two pages. :))
Gail Ann Magnuson
Mobile: 1.704.232.5648
Residence: Ponce Inlet, FL

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4624 Harbour Village Boulevard #4406
Ponce Inlet, FL 32127

Attachment: An Application of the ISTPA and PMRM in 2008.docx
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