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Subject: Submission for the IAPP April 2016 Washington DC Meeting

Hi all,

I submitted a panel presentation proposal to IAPP for a 60 minute panel on The Privacy Engineer is Key to Privacy by Design!

As it was in response to an email I received from IAPP indicating that "As a past speaker, you've received exceptional ratings from attendees, and I'd love it if you'd submit a speaker proposal for the upcoming Summit in Washington, DC (Training and WorkshopsApril 3-4; Conference April 5-6)". The deadline was the 23rd.

Since I did not have "named" panel members, I listed a representative from the PMRM OASIS group, a representative of the PbD SE Oasis group and a member of the PRIPARE initiative as part of the panel.

If this panel presentation is accepted I do hope that we can make it happen as each of these initiatives are important.

Best, Gail 

Gail Ann Magnuson
Mobile: 1.704.232.5648
Residence: Ponce Inlet, FL

Mailing Address
4624 Harbour Village Boulevard #4406
Ponce Inlet, FL 32127

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