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Subject: Re: [pbd-se] Submission for the IAPP April 2016 Washington DC Meeting

Hi Gail,

I'm not sure I'll be attending this year's conference but I'm sure Dawn or another representative of our OASIS PbD-SE group can be cajoled to speak on your panel. Please keep up posted!

Many thanks,

Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D.
Executive Director,
The Privacy and Big Data Institute
Ryerson University

On Aug 22, 2015, at 12:09 PM, Gail Magnuson <gail.magnuson@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all,

I submitted a panel presentation proposal to IAPP for a 60 minute panel on The Privacy Engineer is Key to Privacy by Design!

As it was in response to an email I received from IAPP indicating that "As a past speaker, you've received exceptional ratings from attendees, and I'd love it if you'd submit a speaker proposal for the upcoming Summit in Washington, DC (Training and WorkshopsApril 3-4; Conference April 5-6)". The deadline was the 23rd.

Since I did not have "named" panel members, I listed a representative from the PMRM OASIS group, a representative of the PbD SE Oasis group and a member of the PRIPARE initiative as part of the panel.

If this panel presentation is accepted I do hope that we can make it happen as each of these initiatives are important.

Best, Gail 

Gail Ann Magnuson
Mobile: 1.704.232.5648
Residence: Ponce Inlet, FL

Mailing Address
4624 Harbour Village Boulevard #4406
Ponce Inlet, FL 32127

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