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Subject: RE: FYI - Houston - the 'cyber tidbits' eagle has landed!

Good 3-day weekend to ALL,


As the subject line suggests,

I have taken a cyber security leadership job in Houston TX, as of 15 Sep.


(yes, Houston is hot / humid with traffic there (so use A/C in the summer months & live close to work) – yet, they have no state income taxes (10% raise) and a very low cost of living ---  sorry, had to get that said first on WHY go there… besides a great job… active business environment - No 2 city with the most fortune 500 companies… ;-))


SO.. this is a good time to check in with you all (many folks on the ‘cyber tidbits’ list-serve, Navy friends, OASIS PbD and SD IEEE groups, plus my cyber friends and colleagues…)


First – thanks to everyone for their support to me and the SD cyber community – and we’re all much better off because of it.


I will continue my virtual support of SD cyber efforts (education, SMBs outreach, etc) and leverage all that with Houston where I can too – maybe help sync the two cities up in cyber better (why not try for “cyber sister cities” – one has to have a goal…)

IF you have suggestions / colleagues there that might have a mutual opportunity, please connect us. I am very much interested in advancing the commercial cyber and privacy space and the folks I team with have novel capabilities / companies with great products to share there.


Professional groups – I will continue to help those I did in SD and also link up with the counterparts in Houston (I already joined their IEEE , as well as Infragard, ISSA and ISC2 groups)… Be good to get connected with other likeminded cyber / risk / privacy groups there to collaborate and harmonize better. (like UH, start-up community, etc)


Finally,  if you or your organization wants to improve your cyber / privacy posture, I can continue to assist there where I can. As I am still on a quest to help our SMBs be better protected -- cyber education, simple / best practices, etc.. (for example, I will post on LI this weekend my “A ‘simple’ anti-phishing approach – using what you have in place” article  (or some title like that…)

(btw, the ‘cyber tidbits’ are but a simple security awareness digest, that I do for myself, then share – seems useful to most, but let me know if you don’t need them!).  


As we all need to quit admiring the cyber problem / threat and now be more aggressive on  just DOING security… starting with as you all know, doing the cyber basics really well… focus there and cut cyber incidents by up to 95% and essentially for free!






Cyber security is serious business for us all – so ACT accordingly!








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