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Subject: Information on privacy engineering work

Dear all,

Here is some info on what I discussed during today PMRM confcall:

  • PRIPARE methodology handbook is now finalised and a press release was issued in March 2016 (http://pripareproject.eu/). I would like to thank OASIS for having helped us in this.
  • EIP-SCC (European Innovation Platform on Smart Cities and Communities - see https://eu-smartcities.eu/) includes an initiative called Citizen Centric Approach to Data- Privacy by Design (https://eu-smartcities.eu/content/citizen-centric-approach-data-privacy-design)
  • Here are some developments in ISO SC27/WG5 related to privacy and privacy engineering
    • A study period on privacy in IOT has started
    • A study period on privacy in smart cities is on-going
    • I have proposed a new work item proposal for a technical report : privacy engineering. The scope of the NWIP is attached.
    • ISO WG9 on big data is undertaking the standardisation ISO-20547of Big data reference architecture. I believe it is based on the work of NIST. Part 4 of the standard: security and privacy fabric will be developed by SC27/WG5.

I see an interest in creating a liaison between ISO SC27/WG5 and OASIS to allow the promotion and integration of PMRM in the ISO context. Since I am active in SC27/WG5, I could help. For instance, I see a benefit in organising a presentation of PMRM and even proposing an ISO study on the integration of PMRM into the ISO landscape

Antonio Kung
Logo Trialog Antonio Kung
TRIALOG SA, 25 rue du Général Foy, 75008 PARIS
✆ +33 1 44 70 61 00 (direct: +33 1 44 70 61 03)

Attachment: TR Privacy engineering Scope_v2.pdf
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