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pkcs11-comment message

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Subject: Re: [pkcs11-comment] PKCS#11 support for Ed25519/Ed448/EdDSA/etc

On 2017-06-06 22:49, Francis Dupont wrote:
First note that perhaps the IETF Curdle mailing list is more apropriate.

I seems there is nothin in PKCS#11 for Ed25519. Ed448 and co curves,
EdDSA sign/verify, etc. IMHO this can be fully or partially forked
from the current EC framework (cur-v2.40 section 2.3 Elliptic Curve
even IMHO only the namedCurve ecParameters could be shared...

Is there any work about this?

That's a good question indeed!

If you look at
it doesn't appear to reuse EC but rather create a new core type called OKP.

I would consider that because that will map better to other systems including JOSE and CBOR.




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