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Subject: Profile objects and C_FindObjects

Hello everybody,

For Hardware Feature and Mechanism Object [PKCS11-Spec-v3.1] states in section 4.3.2 and section 4.12.2, respectively:

When searching for objects using C_FindObjectsInit and C_FindObjects, mechanism objects are not returned unless the CKA_CLASS attribute in the template has the value [CKO_HW_FEATURE | CKO_MECHANISM]. This protects applications written to previous versions of Cryptoki from finding objects that they do not understand.

I would have expected to find a similar paragraph for Profile Objects in section 4.13.2, but there is none. Is this intentional? I.e. are Profile Objects meant to be returned when C_FindObjectInit was called with an empty template (i.e. ulCount = 0)?

ThanksÂfor your help,
Michael Jung

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