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pkcs11 message

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Subject: next PKCS 11 TC concall -- Wednesday 20-March at 1 pm PST (US)

Hi –


From the straw polls, it looks like the best time to try to our first PKCS 11 TC concall will be Wednesday 20-March at 1 to 2 pm PST.  I’ll put this into the TC calendar and also send around (to TC members and observers only) the phone and webex information. Please note that US has changed to Daylight Savings Time, affecting the relationship to other time zones; my apologies for any inconvenience!


I’ve included below a quick cut at the agenda for the call. I’ll confirm with folks I’ve included in the agenda – please let me know of other topics? I hope to have the draft minutes from the F2F available tomorrow, including an update to the action items we reviewed last Tuesday.






KMIP TC weekly concall

1 Opening remarks/roll call
2 Approval of the agenda
3 Approval of previous meeting minutes (face-to-face)
4 Old Business (that is, things we initiated at the F2F)

-          Meeting schedule (consider whether to alternate the times for our bi-weekly concall)

-          Status of PKCS doc templates (BobG)

-          Liaisons to other standards groups (BobG)

-          AES modes etc (Valerie / BobR)

-          Near-term items from Peter’s list

-          Near-term items from Stef’s list

-          Near-term items related to error-reporting (Chris Z)

-          Near-term TLS and/or other mechanisms (Brian)

-          Review of V2.30 TPM mechanism (Rayees)

-          Passphrase-based encryption issues (Dina)

-          Draft/example of conformance clause (BobG)

-          Topics for next call


5 New Business
6 Review Action Items
7 Adjournment



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