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Subject: RE: where to put what PKCS 11 TC documents...

Since I believe we said we wanted to work on the initial standardization effort in parallel with a more invasive enhancements release, I think it might be useful to set up some organization for that in advance.  Setting up 1 or more buckets for each release (or nested folders) can be useful for this.  There will be version-independent postings as well so a more general bucket is perhaps also warranted.


We did this in the SAML committee and it helped keep docs organized enough to make things easier to locate.  For example, we may want a folder for the original 2.30 submissions, a folder for the 2.40 docs, a folder for V.next docs, and a folder for “General” postings.


Since the system displays folders in alphabetical order, we also prepended folder names with things lie “A.0: ”, “A.1: ”, … “X.0: ”, etc. so that the “current” stuff stays near the top.  When we started a new release, we simply changed the A’s to B’s and created new A’s.


Rob Philpott | Senior Technologist | RSA, the Security Division of EMC

eMail: robert.philpott@rsa.com | Office: 781.515.7115 | Mobile: 617.510.0893


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Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 10:53 AM
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Subject: [pkcs11] where to put what PKCS 11 TC documents...


Hi –


When I was up-loading the draft outline for the Base spec just now, it occurred to me that it would be good to discuss what docs we put where – and whether we need any other folders for documents. 


Here’s a first cut at folders under the Folders (under the Documents tab on the TC home page):


·         Documents:  miscellaneous docs, including presentations used in the f2f, informal write-ups related to enhancements, etc


·         Calendar documents:  docs attached to calendar entries, such as minutes and any reference items (agenda, for example, if a separate doc)


·         Meeting notes: draft minutes or discussion docs for bi-weekly calls and f2fs


·         Drafts: working drafts of the PKCS #11 docs (spec, profiles, usage, testcases)



I think it would be useful to have at least one additional folder:


·         Proposals: draft write-ups on changes/additions to the PKCS #11 docs (particularly ones we’re going to vote on)


What do you think?




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