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Subject: reminder: our next PKCS 11 TC is Wednesday 3-Apr at 4 pm EDT (not this week)

Hi –


Just wanted to remind everyone that we don’t have a PKCS 11 TC call this week. Or next call is next week, Wed. 3-Apr at 4 pm EDT. I will sending out agenda and concall/webex info no later than Sunday 31-Mar.


Thanks to David for posting the minutes! Everyone, please review the action items included below.








From: pkcs11@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:pkcs11@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf Of David Smith
Sent: Monday, March 25, 2013 7:54 PM
To: pkcs11@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [pkcs11] Groups - Event "PKCS 11 TC bi-weekly concall/meeting" modified


Submitter's message

I have posted the meeting minutes from the 20th March, 2013 TC call. Please review the information and let me know if there are any corrections that need to be made.

As a quick reminder, the following committee members have action items identified at the end of the meeting minutes. Further details are available in the meeting minutes (at the end of the document).

Bob Griffin (multiple items).

Valerie Fenwick, Oscar So and Bob Relyea (material for discussion at the next call).

Peter Gutmann (recommendation and work with Chris Zimman on error reporting discussions).

Chris Zimman (work with Peter Gutmann on error reporting discussions).

Stef Walter (create wiki content from posted email and continue work to identify spec issues).

Brian Smith (bring forward content for discussion at TC meeting in four weeks).

Thank You.
-- Mr. David Smith

Event Title: PKCS 11 TC bi-weekly concall/meeting

Date: Wednesday, 20 March 2013, 04:00pm to 05:00pm EDT
Location: Conference call / webex

Call-in information will be provided to PKCS 11 members and observers.

This meeting counts towards voter eligibility.


PKCS 11 TC weekly concall

1 Opening remarks (co-chairs)

2 Roll call (secretary)
3 Review / approval of the agenda
3 Review / approval of previous meeting minutes
4 Old Business (that is, things we initiated at the F2F)

  • Meeting schedule (consider whether to alternate the times for our bi-weekly concall)
  • Status of PKCS doc templates (BobG)
  • Liaisons to other standards groups (BobG)
  • AES modes etc (Valerie / BobR)
  • Near-term items from Peter’s list
  • Near-term items from Stef’s list
  • Near-term items related to error-reporting (Chris Z)
  • Near-term TLS and/or other mechanisms (Brian)
  • Status of review of V2.30 TPM mechanism (Rayees)
  • Status of passphrase-based encryption issues (Dina)
  • Draft/example of conformance clause (BobG)
  • Topics for next call

5 New Business
6 Review Action Items
7 Adjournment



Owner: Mr. Robert Griffin
Sharing: This event is shared with the OASIS Open (General Membership), and General Public groups. Public Event Link

Referenced Items

Meeting Minutes from 03 March 2013.pdf (82K)


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