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Subject: no PKCS 11 TC working session this week. Please hold Wednesday 19-June 4 pm EDT for PKCS 11 TC working session

Hi –


In our call last week, I had mentioned the idea of holding an additional PKCS 11 TC meeting this week to work on the outstanding V2.40 issues.  I checked with the OASIS folks on this, and there is no problem with having a working session (we would take minutes and record attendance, but we would not use it in counting for or against voting eligibility). I also checked with Valerie (since she wasn’t able to be on our call last week), who also thought it would be a good idea to have this kind of working session.


It turns out, however, that I have to travel to Brussels on Wednesday this week; also, I want to be sure that we have sufficient notice of the session before-hand for everyone who might be interested.  So rather than this week, I’d like to propose it for 2 weeks from now: that is, Wednesday 19-June at 4 pm. Unless anyone raises strong objections, I’ll put it in the calendar tomorrow. I’ll send out phone info before-hand, as I do for our regular meetings. I’ll also include discussion of the agenda for the working session on the topics for our regular PKCS 11 TC call next week (10-June).






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