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Subject: Re: [pkcs11] Groups - PKCS #11 V2.40 header files wd01 uploaded

On 12.06.2013 11:31, Griffin, Robert wrote:
> Hi again –
> I’ve attached a pdf version of pkcs11.h, just so it’s easy for
> everyone to see the copyright info that’s included in pkcs11.h,
> pkcs11f.h and pkcs11t.h in the zip file I just uploaded.

Thanks Bob,

If compatibility with open source licenses are desirable, we should
consult with a lawyer (or FSF or OSI) as the compatibility of this
license with key open source licenses, such as the GPL.

To my untrained eye, this seems like a step backwards from the RSA
license previously used with the header files.

In particular the following clause prohibits modification. Ability to
modify source code is at the core of most open source licenses.

> However, this document
> itself may not be modified in any way, including by removing
> the copyright notice or references to OASIS, except as needed
> for the purpose of developing any document or deliverable
> produced by an OASIS Technical Committee (in which case the
> rules applicable to copyrights, as set forth in the OASIS IPR
> Policy, must be followed) or as required to translate it into
> languages other than English.

But again, my opinion is in no way definitive. I merely raise the
issue since it seems that open source compatibility of this OASIS
license is at the very least non-obvious, and likely incompatible.



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