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Subject: RE: [pkcs11] Groups - PKCS #11 V2.40 header files wd01 uploaded

The peculiar situation is that, while derivative works for particular purposes are allowed, they must inherit the clause "However, this document ... " when the restriction is presumably applicable to the original, not the derivative."  The section is somewhat self-contradicting and that's a problem.  Mostly the entire "However ..." is unnecessary.  That TCs have OASIS permission to do something beyond what is licensed to the general public does not have to be discussed in the general license provided.  The Copyright holder has the right to make private and separate arrangements regardless.

I'm on a TC that is about to issue a "source file" and there are similar concerns.  We're starting with the TC Administrator, but I'm sure the OASIS legal counsel will be asked to step in.

 - Dennis

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Subject: RE: [pkcs11] Groups - PKCS #11 V2.40 header files wd01 uploaded

Yep, understood.



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Subject: Re: [pkcs11] Groups - PKCS #11 V2.40 header files wd01 uploaded

On 12.06.2013 12:05, Griffin, Robert wrote:
> Hi Stef -
> Thanks for raising the concern.  First step is for me to route the 
> question to OASIS admin/legal.

Thanks. That sounds good.

One thing to clarify with OASIS admin/legal, is that there may be different ramifications when this license is used as a document license (for the specification itself) and a source code license (for the headers).

It is the later to which I raised the issue, not the former.



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