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Subject: Reminder: Vote on v2.40 Documents!

Hi everyone -

We've all worked long and hard over the last 9 months, and we've
now reached a very important milestone: voting to move our draft
documents to Committee Spec Draft!

It's my understanding that we need a full majority (not a simple
majority out of people voting, but rather of the entire voting
membership) to move these documents that we all worked so
hard on to Committee Spec Draft.

The ballots close Wed, 16 October, 2013 at 12-noon EDT.

Time is short, your vote counts - please go out and vote!


should get you there.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Valerie Fenwick, http://bubbva.blogspot.com/ @bubbva
Solaris Cryptographic & Key Management Technologies, Manager
Oracle Corporation: 4180 Network Circle, Santa Clara, CA, 95054.

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