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Subject: phone and webex information for this week's PKCS 11 TC face-to-face meeting

Hi –


I’ve set up a new action item with the phone and webex information for our PKCS 11 TC face-to-face on Friday this week, for those who can’t attend in person. Here’s the link to the action item:




A couple of points:


-          I’ve left the old action item in place, just in case there are any problems with the new passcode, phone numbers, etc. Please be sure to use the information in the new action item “PKCS 11 TC call-in information for face-to-face” (or something like that).


-          The participant passcode is different from the one we’ve been using. Please check the action item for the new one – preferably prior to our meeting!


-          The action item contains the URL for the global access toll-free numbers. Many of the numbers look to me to be the same, but please check the list at the URL to make sure.


-          The action item also includes webex information.


Talk to you Friday!





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