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Subject: OASIS Standards Showcase at RSA 2015...Respond by 28 March

Dear PKCS #11 TC Members,

Special Notice:  RSA dates have changed in 2015 – 20-24 April!

The KMIP and PKCS #11 demos at RSA 2014 were a tremendous success, and we're already under deadline to deliver the best possible member experience for RSA 2015. We were fortunate to place a temporary hold on booth #1921, another 20x20 island in the front of the exhibit hall.  In order to secure this premium location, however, we must have commitments from a minimum of eight Participants by 28 March.

KMIP and PKCS 11 TC members have first option for using the booth, but we will reach out to other OASIS TCs if necessary to ensure we have enough participants to cover costs.  If we’re unable to rally the minimum number of Participants by the 28 March deadline, we will be forced to give up booth #1921 and review other options. 

Please reserve your space, help us secure our premium location, and receive a discounted rate of 6,000 USD by completing the attached form before 28 March.  (After that date, reservations will be accepted through 31 August at the regular rate of 7,000 USD.)  Full payment is due 30 days from the sign-up date.  

We realize the deadline is tight, and we appreciate your support. I will join the next TC call to address any questions about the opportunity, but in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me directly if I can help in any way.

Thanks so much, Jane



Jane Harnad


Manager of Events



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