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Subject: Re: [pkcs11] [UPDATED][pkcs11] PKCS #11 V2.40 header files

Thanks Stef.

I think adding the 'UL' suffix is for v2.40, so we should have it.
Let's see what the TC has to say today...


On 09/10/14 01:40 AM, Stef Walter wrote:
On 10.09.2014 10:21, Oscar So wrote:
Hi PKCS #11 TC,

Please review my updated header files for v2.40.
We all need to agree on these files, defines, values, struct names, and

Perhaps we should create a ballot and vote on that ?

A ballot sounds good to me.

pkcs11t.h.v240.oscarso_r02 (most changes and most important)

I'd like to note that all the constants should have a 'UL' suffix, since
they're unsigned longs not integers. Or is this a change that should
wait until 3.0?



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