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Subject: Re: [pkcs11] Broken definitions in PKCS#11 wd03 draft

On 18/09/2014 5:51 AM, Stef Walter wrote:
> Out of interest, do you know which PKCS#11 version
> CK_ECDH2_DERIVE_PARAMS was this introduced in? It's missing from our
> current documents.

CK_ECDH2_DERIVE_PARAMS was added in v2.11 and present in v2.20 and v2.30.

The header files should contain precisely what is in the specification
so if we have extra items in the header file not currently within the
specification those items should (correctly) be removed to match. If
there are important items we missed then we will need to address those
through errata.

It would have been good to have done this consistency check previously
(I thought it had already been done back in the earlier reviews) - but
what is important is that the header file matches the specification and
any corrections required go back through the specification.

> Are CKM_TLS10_MAC_SERVER and CKM_TLS10_MAC_CLIENT new for v2.40 ? or earlier version ?

Those are new - not present in any earlier header files.


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