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Subject: possible dates and locations for pkcs 11 tc face-to.face

Hi –


In our call last week, we touched on when and where we might have the next PKCS 11 TC face-to-face meeting. We identified these 3 possibilities:


-          ICMC November 2014, Washington DC

-          RSA Conference US April 2015, San Francisco CA


I believe there was also an option in February 2015, but I don’t recall where that was or in association with what event.


Do folks have other ideas about when/where we might do our next face-to-face?  If you could let me know by early next week, we can have a brief discussion in Wednesday 8-Oct call and then create a straw poll to determine which option would be best.


The topics for the face-to-face will depend on when we have it. But I expect the big items would be:


-          Consideration of major items for the next (major) release of PKCS #11, particularly ones that we need to work through in a face-to-face discussion.

-          Moving forward on test cases, test beds etc to enable more consistent interpretation of the standard and more interoperable implementations

-          Strategies for increasing visibility, supporting information and tools etc for PKCS #11 to enable more widespread and rapid adoption





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