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Subject: PKCS#11 compliance criteria

As part of a project partially funded by the French government, we were asked to come up with a list of compliance criteria for PKCS#11 implementations. I thought the results might be of general interest, and I’d also be interested to hear the feedback of list members. 

The criteria are intended to be extracts from the spec (so they have a sort of « chapter and verse » to back them up, rather than being our interpretation), and are designed to correspond to concrete tests that could be run against the P11 interface (not more abstract subjective criteria). We came up with 118 of them. 

There is of course a lot more to a « good »  implementation of P11 than these 118 criteria but maybe they could be useful. And with the result of last week’s vote we’ll soon be working on version 2.40 :-)

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Graham Steel
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