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Subject: PKCS#11 presentation proposal at RSA 2015

Hi folks -

I have put forward a proposal on behalf of myself and Tim Hudson for one
of the "crowd sourced" spots at the RSA conference based around the presentation
proposal we put forward for the RSA conference.

This is the only presentation we know of that covers both PKCS#11 and KMIP.

The presentation is overwhelming positive in terms of putting forward
the objectives of the PKCS#11 and KMIP technical committees and
accordingly is something we would appreciate the support from both of
the technical committees and any other interested party.

In particular. your support in the form of voting for the proposal at
would help to get this presentation on the RSA 2015 agenda.

Those who are attending the conference also get a double vote; those who
are not also get a single vote to cast - so everyone can vote whether or
not they are planning to attend the RSA 2015 conference!

Votes need to be in place by midnight April 2nd (Pacific time).  The top
12 voted presentations get a speaker slot at the RSA conference and
speaker slots where TC members represent the work of the technical
committee in a positive light are things we should all support!

Please vote!

Thank you!


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