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Subject: Bldg UPDATE! Re: Face-to-Face: Address

Hi Folks -

our admin was able to get us a more appropriately sized room so we will
*NOT* be in the mansion, but back in the clock tower.

Oracle America, Inc.
4040 Palm Drive (Reception Check-In)  (building #4)
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Parking can get pretty tight around here, but if you're arriving for breakfast
(between 8-8:30) it should not be a problem. :)

Our admin even provided a handy map!



On 2/25/15 1:37 PM, Valerie Anne Fenwick wrote:
Hi Everyone -

[old address redacted]

More details will follow as we get closer.  The Rivermark Plaza is in
walking distance across the street from the Oracle campus and has a hotel:
Hyatt House Santa Clara.  There are a lot of restaurants in that plaza,
including the very nice Piatti's.

I hope this helps you to plan your travel.


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