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Subject: Secure premium booth for PKCS 11 Interop at RSA 2016

Dear PKCS 11 TC Members,

2015 set a new standard for the PKCS 11 InterOp program at RSA, but there's no time to rest on our laurels. RSA 2016 will be held 29 Feb – 4 Mar, and large booths on the expo floor are already sold out.

Fortunately, OASIS has a temporary hold on booth #821, a premiere spot in South Hall (see attached floorplan), but in order to secure this premium location, we must have commitments from a minimum of nine participants (with a least four per TC) by 25 May.  If we’re unable to rally the minimum number of participants by the deadline, we will be forced to forfeit booth #821 and opt for a smaller, less ideally located space.  

Keep PKCS 11 front and center at RSA and ensure great placement for your company. Reserve your demo pod by completing the attached form before 25 May. You’ll be eligible for the early-bird participation fee of 6,250 USD. (After that date, the participation fee will be 7,250 USD.)  Full payment is due by 25 June.  

We realize the deadline is tight, and we appreciate your support. I will be happy to join the next TC call to address any questions about the opportunity, but in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me directly if I can help in any way.

(Note: We will introduce a new method for assigning pod locations in 2016. It will no longer be based on your sign-up date.  Details to come. )

Thanks so much,

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