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Subject: draft email for tomorrow's PKCS 11 call

Hi –


In the interest of fixing various issues in v2.40 and making header files available as quickly as possible, we’d like to suggest finalizing V2.41 based on what is more or less ready to go. In particular, v2.41 would have the following additions/changes from v2.40:


-          Inclusion of the AES-XTS mechanism (approved 24-Jun-2015)

-          Additions/corrections to appendices containing constants (BobG to send out draft versions no later than next week)

-          Update to Usage Guide regarding changes from V2.40 to v2.41, availability of header files, etc

-          Separate files containing these and other machine-language definitions (essentially the header files, also to be available next week)

There are a number of work items that we have been considering for v2.41 that I suggest we defer. These would include (as well as potentially a number of other ideas from Sven and others that we have discussed):


-          CS key-wrap (latest draft 15-Apr-15 from Graham S.)

-          Message-based encryption as originally proposed by Wan The (latest draft 3-Sep-14 from Wan-Teh)

-          UEFI profile (suggested by Sven G. but not yet in proposal)

-          Revisions suggested in public reviews, including updating the language regarding SHALL/SHOULD etc

We look forward to discussing this suggestion at our PKCS 11 TC call this week.



Valerie and Bob



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