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Subject: PKCS11 Interop Call Minutes - 5th January 2016

2016 PKCS11 Interop Participant Call #2 - 5th January 2016


    Roll Call
    Agenda review
    Minutes review
    Interop Capability Statement review
    Further discussions

Roll Call: Tony C - Quorum achieved.

Motion to approve Agenda: Tim H Moves, Valerie F Seconds, No objections, abstentions or comments.

Quorum was not achieved on the previous meeting so no minutes posted.

Interop Capability Statement
-Thanks to Tim for assisting in putting the Capability Statement together Discussion of testing approach to be used.
Issues raised:
-Content of the Process document - reference to section 7.4 (Scope) added to section 3.
-What is being tested - agreed to run from the defined profiles.
-Discussed that a common platform may be needed. Resolution was for each party to define their preferred platform in the email when returning their Capability Statements and Tony will plot what can be used and get that to the group ASAP. A couple of vendors have network protocol bridge capability for PKCS#11 generically which may also be an option.

-Capability Statements to be completed and returned to Tony per the process (by 12pm Wednesday 6th (US-PST)

Process Discussion
-Some minor corrections were pointed out regarding the Process document. These have been corrected. New document is v1.2c

Participants agreed to use the updated process document. 
Motion called:
Tim H Moved, Greg S Seconds.

Next Call
Next call to occur next week 2 hours earlier (13:00 US-PST)

Graham S  Moves, Greg S Seconds, No objections, abstentions or comments.
Meeting adjourned 15:45 PST


Tony Cox

PKCS11 Interop Lead


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