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Subject: Reminder: summer travel & Leaves of absence

Hi folks-

As a reminder from today's meeting, if your travel will cause you to miss two or more consecutive meetings, you may want to take a leave of absence as allowed by TC process. That is a way to have your voting member status restored immediately upon your return, as opposed to requiring that you attend to consecutive meetings to regain that status.

This isn't quite as simple as just letting me or Bob know that you won't be at a meeting, there is a little more process behind it, but didn't want folks to consider this if their summer travels have the missing more meetings than I know that they would like to :-)

The details can be found here:

Our plan is to continue to meet at regular intervals through the summer, so wanted to make sure this option was known to folks who may have planned
some fun vacations :)

Note: I am using voice recognition software. Forgive any strange words.
Valerie Fenwick, http://bubbva.blogspot.com/ @bubbva
Solaris Cryptographic & Key Management Technologies, Manager
Oracle Corporation: 4180 Network Circle, Santa Clara, CA, 95054.

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