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Subject: Re: [pkcs11] C_LoginUser

On 09/02/2017 01:21, Tim Hudson wrote:
A simple extension to C_Login to allow specification of a username for
those devices which support multiple users.

/* C_LoginUser logs a user into a token. */
  CK_SESSION_HANDLE hSession,  /* the session's handle */
  CK_USER_TYPE      userType,  /* the user type */
  CK_UTF8CHAR_PTR   pPin,      /* the user's PIN */
  CK_ULONG          ulPinLen   /* the length of the PIN */
  CK_UTF8CHAR_PTR   pUsername,      /* the user name  */
  CK_ULONG          ulUsernameLen   /* the length of the user name */

What is the rationale for requiring the user type here ? Are you assuming that a given username might be able to login as both user and SO so they need to choose ?

Darren J Moffat

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