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Subject: RE: [pkcs11] Updated AEAD, AES_GCM, and function table proposals.


please see attached our detailed feedback to the AEAD and AES_GCM proposals. Besides some editorial changes, there are questions and suggestions w.r.t. to the latest changes.

We have also included some questions w.r.t. to PKCS#11 standard V2.40, for which I did not recall the reasoning behind, and did neither find any written reasoning. These questions start with "V2.40:" in order to making clear that they apply to the current standard and not to your proposal.

When integrating your proposals into the standards document 3.00, some sections should also be cleaned up, because in the current document 2.40
* Chapter 2.12.4 is basically identical to 2.12 and thus redundant
* Chapter 2.12.5 is basically identical to 2.12.1 and thus redundant
* It is confusing that chapter 2.12 is called "AES-GCM Authenticated Encryption", and CCM and GMAC are sub-chapters to GCM. It would be better to call chapter 2.12. "AES Authenticated Encryption" or similar, and then have sub-chapter 2.12.1, 2.12.2 and for AES GCM, AES CCM and AES GMAC.

We also plan to comment on the function table proposal, but I will unfortunately not be able to sumit these comments in time for the conf call today.

Best regards,

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Subject: [pkcs11] Updated AEAD, AES_GCM, and function table proposals.

I've incorporated the face 2 face feedback on these three proposals.

1. function table proposal: the lastest version already had the update.

2. AEAD - added the mechanism parameter to the C_XXXXMessageNext() functions.

3. AES_GCM - moved the tag and MAC to the mechanism parameter for Message based usages.

The documents have 'show changes' turned on, so you should be able to see just the differences from the last versions of the documents. Please review the AES_GCM in particular (the rest were pretty straight forward).

I'd like to go to ballot at our next meeting.


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