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Subject: Re: [pkcs11] Groups - AES GCM AEAD update draft 3 uploaded

On 04/11/2017 07:40 AM, Gascon David wrote:

Hey Bob,


I’ve attached a version of your document with some comments added.


Let me know what you think,





Oops, I missed the last comment:

"Are these two fields also meant to be in the structure above?"

yes, that's a bug, I'll get an update with this and the missing period (maybe clearer text) shortly.




From: pkcs11@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:pkcs11@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf Of Robert Relyea
Sent: April-10-17 4:51 PM
To: pkcs11@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [pkcs11] Groups - AES GCM AEAD update draft 3 uploaded


Submitter's message
This is an update to the AEAD to handle the comments from the previous call, namely a desire to have a way to handle externally generated IV's.

I implemented this generally by creating a Generator Function parameter and defining 4 generator operations. In the future more could be added (like tls 1.3 if it differs from any of the existing generators).

I only require the generic generator to be implemented. I also allow that the application can provide the fixed portion of the IV/nonce as well as a new parameter to specify how long the fixed portion is in bits.

-- Mr. Robert Relyea

Document Name: AES GCM AEAD update draft 3

No description provided.
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Submitter: Mr. Robert Relyea
Folder: Working Drafts
Date submitted: 2017-04-10 13:50:23


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