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Subject: Approved and draft minutes, moving to weekly meetings

HI folks –


We agreed to move to weekly meetings to wrap up v3.0. Please update your calendar & look out for daylight savings changes that are going to start rolling out.


EVERYONE: if you have open items on the agenda, please  have updates ready for the next meeting. If you can’t make the next meeting, send this list your updates.


NOTE, NOTE: Please review Darren J’s 3 proposals for ECC changes, so he can quickly narrow to one.


Here are the draft minutes from today:


https://wiki.oasis-open.org/pkcs11/Meetingminutes/Minutes25102017  (check them out, if an item was “deferred” and your name is next to it – you’re an “EVERYONE” above) J


Here are the approved minutes from our previous meeting:



See you next week!


Thank you!




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