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pkcs11 message

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Subject: Is it time to drop ECDSA references in the standard?


the EC section of the standard continuously makes allowances for the older ECDSA data types that was deprecated in v2.11.  For example


EC (also related to ECDSA) public…

key type CKK_EC or CKK_ECDSA



creating an EC (ECDSA) public key object…


and so on…


Given that this is a major revision of the standard (v3.0), is now a good time to remove all the text that references these deprecated values?  The deprecated values should be left in the header files, but I don’t see the need to keep them alive in the standard.


It is mostly an editorial change to delete the extra text.  I have no problem writing up a proposal to make the editors job easier.  But I thought I would poll the group to see if there is any appetite for this type of clean up.




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