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Subject: Bob Lockhart

Hi Folks,

With profound sadness, I am reposting a note sent by Tim Hudson to the KMIP TC today regarding the passing of a deeply respected figure in our community. Note follows:

With great sadness, I am sharing the news that Robert (Bob) Lockhart, our KMIP TC Secretary, has passed away peacefully early Tuesday morning. Bob was a highly respected and valued member of our community, deeply technical, with an amazing sense of humor and a real passion for life. There isn't anyone I know that wasn't touched by knowing Bob and far richer for the experience. His cheerful nature, big-heartedness, and passion for making sure we all understood he was right even if we hadn't yet caught up with his thinking led to many a memorable interaction. 

Please join me in directing your thoughts and prayers to his wife Elizabeth (Liz) and their loved ones as they both mourn his passing and celebrate his life.



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