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Subject: RE: [pkcs11] C_GetInterfaceList

Tim, All,


there is a list of two (2) standard interfaces according to the standard. All others are vendor defined.


In order to use such an interface you need the structure of the function list anyway, for example CK_FUNCTION_LIST or CK_FUNCTION_LIST_2_42. (BTW: why _2_42 and not _3?) Sicne there is no reflection functionality, the vendor needs to deliver a matching struct together with his interface name. Youâll include both, the struct and the interface name and ask the lib if this specific interface is supported. If not, you cannot use it.


But if a interface with an unknown name is supported you could not use it anyway. So why providing a function such as C_GetInterfaceList?


And by the way: Looking at C_GetFunctionLists makes me shiver again. The number of interface_string elements is hidden in the interfaces structure, and why is there a limit of 10 elements? It would have been so much nices to have

C_GetFunctionLists(CK_CHAR **interface_string, CK_LONG ulInterfaceStringCount, void **pFunctions, CK_LONG flags);

Provide an array of ulInterfaceStringCount interface names and an empty array of void* with the same size as input and on output the void* is set to the function list ptr if the interface exists. Why does it need to be so complicated as proposed?

Yes, it was decided that way. It know that discussionâ






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Sent: Dienstag, 7. August 2018 09:15
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Subject: [pkcs11] C_GetInterfaceList


For 3.0 we have a function C_GetFunctionLists which lets us return the function lists for up to 10 named interfaces at a time - but we have no mechanism to return the full list of supported interfaces.


I suggest we add a C_GetInterfaceList which returns the full list of known interfaces.


CK_RV C_GetInterfaceList(CK_CHAR_PTR *pInterfaces);


Where pInterfaces returns the pointer to the NULL terminated list of interfaces (in the same manner as C_GetFunctionLists requires it as the first parameter.




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