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pkcs11 message

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Subject: Groups - Interfaces and Function Lists uploaded

Submitter's message
Dear all,

based on the discussions we had on the lists and due to the fact that we didn't move on so far with the interfaces and shortcoming of the current GetFunctionLists, I've created a draft based on base spec WD05 with the following changes:

- Added version 3.0 to version table
- Explicitly specified CK_FUNCTION_LIST_3_0
- Clarified how to get CK_FUNCTION_LIST_3_0 pointer
- Added CK_FUNCTION_LISTS (and removed the previous two structures for this)
- Added a sentence for exclusive use of the ?PKCS 11? prefix for interface names
- Added new functions to function summary table
- Added function to obtain list of interfaces
- Added function to obtain function pointers for additional interfaces (and removed the old proposal)
- Add C_GetFunctionLists to several places where the non-necessity for initialization is mentioned

Open points ? to be discussed:
- In WD05, new functions were inserted in the middle of CK_FUNCTION_LIST. It is much easier implementing application and libraries working with V2.40 and V3.0 when new functions are only appended. This is already included in this proposal.
- C_GetInterfaceList is similar to C_GetMechanismList now. It could be simplified by returning a pointer to a CK_CHAR_PTR array inside of the library (similar to C_GetFunctionList). In that case, there is no need for calling it twice and for allocating and freeing a buffer in the application.
- CK_FUNCTION_LISTS and C_GetFunctionLists is quite close to CK_FUNCTION_LIST and C_GetFunction. Given their function, their names would be better CK_INTERFACE_FUNCTIONS and C_GetInterfaceFunctions.
- It could make sense to allow for calling C_GetInterfaceList before C_Initialize.


-- Mr. Daniel Minder
Document Name: Interfaces and Function Lists

New proposal that includes the function list struct for version 3.0, a
function to obtain the interfaces and an improved function for getting
function pointers.
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Mr. Daniel Minder
Folder: Documents
Date submitted: 2018-08-21 10:57:23

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