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pkcs11 message

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Subject: Housekeeping of 3.0 wiki

HI Folks


Just wanted to do some housekeeping while we wait for our public review.  Earlier in the 3.0 process, we decided to track proposed changes in our wiki â and also whether or not the specific changes were reviewed (and cross checked against headers).


I believe weâve done this, but only saw a few updates in the wiki that the content was indeed reviewed by someone (does not need to be by the proposer, but thatâs ideal if they are still with us).  Iâm happy to do the updates if you could let me know what has been checked (I marked in green the ones that seemed reviewed)




This may seem  like busy work, but itâs just a quick sanity check that everything we wanted included was indeed included as desired.


Daniel & Dieter, I believe youâve reviewed a lot of areas, so would love feedback from you or others ð


Thank you!




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