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Subject: Comparison of CKM definitions in header file and current mechanisms document



Ive systematically compared all mentioned CKM_ names in the current mechanisms document with the header file. Its worse than I expected see below.






CKM_DSA_FIPS_G_GEN (section 2.2), CKM_EC_KEY_PAIR_GEN_W_EXTRA_BITS (section 2.3), CKM_SALSA20_KEY_GEN (section 2.59) is missing in header.


CKM_TLS10_MAC_CLIENT and CKM_TLS10_MAC_SERVER are still contained in the header file, but it was removed from the mech doc in WD10.

Also CKM_TLS_PRE_MASTER_KEY_GEN is in the header file, but not described in the mech doc.


In section 2.1.19 (PKCS #1 RSA PSS signature with SHA3) CKM_SHA3_xxx_RSA_PSS should be renamed to CKM_SHA3_xxx_RSA_PKCS_PSS (already defined, so just a typo). The same is true for CKM_SHAX_RSA_PSS in section 2.1.16.


CKM_SHA1 is listed in section 2.2 as possible value of CK_DSA_PARAMETER_GEN_PARAM's has field, but in contrast to CKM_SHA224 etc it does not exist. Introduce? Remove?


In section 2.2 and several subsections (DSA) CKM_DSA_PROBABALISTIC_PARAMETER_GEN should be CKM_DSA_PROBABLISTIC_PARAMETER_GEN. The former does not exist in the header. The latter is misspelled, but at least it exists. We could also introduce CKM_DSA_PROBABILISTIC_PARAMETER_GEN (and leave the old one for backwards compatibility) and change the spec overall.


In section 2.2.21 (DSA with SHA3-512) CKM_DSA_SHA3-512 should be CKM_DSA_SHA3_512 (just a typo).


In section 2.3.14 (EdDSA) CKM_TOKEN_RESOURCE_EXCEEDED should be CKR_TOKEN_RESOURCE_EXCEEDED (it's an error code, not a mechanism).


The paragraph before 2.3.15 (XEdDSA) seems to be part of the heading. At least, it appears in the TOC of the HTML version.


Table 53 in section 2.4 () contains CKM_X9_42_DH_PKCS_PARAMETER_GEN (also appendix B.4), which is not explained and not in the header file. Remove?


In 2.5 (Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman (x3dh)) mechanism is called CKM_X3DH_INITIATE, but CKM_X3DH_INITIALIZE in header. It should be INITIALIZE as for Double Ratchet.


In section 2.6 (Double Ratchet) CKM_X2RATCHET_INITALIZE should be CKM_X2RATCHET_INITIALIZE (just a typo).


In section 2.6.3 (Double Ratchet key derivation) descriptions of field aeadMechanism contain reference to CKM_XCHACHA20 as example, which does not exist. Remove example?


In section 2.15.1 (part of AES XTS) CKM_AES_CTS_KEY_GEN should be CKM_AES_XTS_KEY_GEN. The former does not exist.


The header file values CKM_SHA3_xxx_KEY_DERIVE should be renamed to CKM_SHA3_xxx_KEY_DERIVATION of sections 2.28 to 2.31 (SHA3-xxx). This is also consistent with the SHA-2 mechanisms.


The header file values CKM_SHAKE_xxx_KEY_DERIVE should be renamed to CKM_SHAKE_xxx_KEY_DERIVATION of section 2.32 (SHAKE).


Table 162 in section 2.42.2 (part of SP 800-108 Key Derivation) contains CKM_3DES_CMAC, which does not exist. It should probably be CKM_DES3_CMAC.


Examples in sections to contain CKM_FLEXIBLE_KDF. This should be 2x CKM_SP800_108_COUNTER_KDF, CKM_SP800_108_FEEDBACK_KDF and CKM_SP800_108_DOUBLE_PIPELINE_KDF.


Table 212 in section 2.57 (GOST R 34.10-2001) contains CKM_GOSTR3410_WITH_GOST3411, which should be CKM_GOSTR3410_WITH_GOSTR3411 (just a typo).


In section 2.60.1 (part of Poly1305) CKM_POLY1305_MAC should be CKM_POLY1305. The former does not exist.


"Mechanisms vs Functions" table is missing in 2.61 (Chacha20/Poly1305 and Salsa20/Poly1305 Authenticated Encryption / Decryption)


In section 2.62.5 (HKDF Key gen) CKM_HKDF_KEYGEN should be CKM_HKDF_KEY_GEN (just a typo).


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